Flipping Congress By The Power Of Beelzebul

Flipping Congress By The Power Of Beelzebul
A recent article posted at The Huffington Post by religion reporter Carol Kuruvilla announced the group Vote Common Good (VCG), was beginning a bus tour to selected cities in America to challenge conservative evangelical Christian support for President Trump. Who and what is Vote Common Good and what issues do they see as problematic for Christians supporting President Trump specifically and the Republican Party generally? Not surprisingly the “who” of Vote Common Good reads like a progressive, leftist, Marxist list of who’s who………
by Pastor Mike Spaulding

Jonathan Cahn: “America Has Turned to the Spirit of Baal”

Jonathan Cahn: America Has Turned to the Spirit of Baal

7:00PM 10/6/2018

Jonathan Cahn says America is replaying an ancient template of judgment.

“America is following the same course that ancient Israel followed when it turned away from God and ultimately headed to judgment and destruction,” Cahn says in a new video.

Recently, the pagan Palmyra arch—aka the arch of Baal—was erected in Washington, D.C. the day before Brett Kavanaugh testified before a Senate committee about sexual assault allegations.

Is there a connection between the two?

Watch the video to see.