“Ich weiss ja, wie man einen Sklaven macht aus einem jungen Ochsen!”: Dichtung Afrikanischer Voelker




Ouliposter-Badge-Blue-300x300Oulipost challenge for today: The haiku is a Japanese poetic form whose most obvious feature is the division of its 17 syllables into lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. Haikuisation has sometimes been used by Oulipians to indicate the reduction of verses of normal length to lines of haiku-like brevity. Select three sentences from a single newspaper article and “haiku” them.

The first thing I discover is that it is going to be impossible to come close to the idea of juxtaposing two images when using a single sentence.  Then I look again, and find that maybe it isn’t impossible at all:

Icy windshield Icy windshield (Photo credit: chromedecay)

Scrape ice from the windshield
curse the cold:
summer sunshine now


Pasteurized yolks
deep yellow, silky
stand up in pan

English: eleven double yolk eggs in a frying pan. English: eleven double yolk eggs in a frying pan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicken Scratch 1 Chicken Scratch 1 (Photo credit: Will Merydith)

Chickens benefit…

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