Prison artist usez ‘visual language’ to inspire hiz brotherz

Cherry Tree and RBG

Prison artist usez ‘visual language’ to inspire hiz brotherz


by Guss Lumumba Edwards

First off, thank you for being there every step of the way over all of these years. I cannot even begin to mention every place you’ve been, but I do know that behind these prison walls within a lot of these cages our love for you runs deep. I told myself long ago that I’ve got to reach at the Bay View, so here I finally am with pure love and appreciation for y’all, always.

“Help Me” – Art: Guss Lumumba Edwards, B-89208, CSP-Sac C4-104, P.O. Box 290066, Represa CA 95671

My name is Guss Lumumba Edwards. Everyone calls me “Lumumba,” which means “gifted”. My experience is like some of your contributors. I was encaged in Pelican Bay SHU from 2005 to 2013 – my last five years in the Short Corridor, D4.

By way of the first two hunger strikes, they released me…

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