“I didn’t know they were going to kill him.” JUVENILE IN JUSTICE

Children in Prison WHY THEY ARE THERE?

Juvenile In Justice  

I didn’t know they were going to kill him.

“Just been here two days.  Came from Donnelly in Portland.  Was a year and a half in detention.  It was so long, because I was awaiting trial in three cases.  Assault two, deadly and dangerous with a knife, robbery assault three, robbery two, robbery by force (measure 11) and third charge was murder, with a gun.  I am a DOC, charged as an adult.  I have a 15-year sentence.  I can be here till I’m 25, eight years. Then I go to women’s prison.  I served a year and a half in detention, so I got time served.  So I’m looking at 30 or 31 when I get out.  My brother is 23. I aided him in a robbery.  He turned me in…

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Prisoner-AB1 by Croc – Chapter 1

Prisoner-AB1 by Croc – Chapter 1

This Story is written by Croc.

A full 24 hours have past and I finally landed at Oban Airport West of Scotland. The reality of my new sentence finally hit me. I was in the middle of no-man’s land. I was handcuffed behind my back, the guard then gagged me and placed a black mask over me: I couldn’t see or speak: I could only hear. Little did I know, on my plane I had two other fellow soon-to-be inmates who were now gagged, for I could hear them moaning and screaming.

All three of us were dragged from the passenger plane onto a mini-bus. I was scared and it was pissing with rain in early June. I was forced to sit like a dog on the seat, then the driver drove us out of Oban Airport for us to catch a ferry ride at on Mull Island. Then we’ll be taken to the most isolated western island of Scotland: St Kilda!

The Warden’s Office, HMP Liberty, St Kilda Island, Scotland, Two Hours Later

“They’re here!” – Dr.  Conway announced in her sweet voice as the mini-van drove off from the ferry up into the prison gate.

Dr. June Conway: 28-years-old, short built long dark black hair in a ponytail, ex-professional surgical doctor of the NHS, now Liberty’s personal doctor.

“Right who do we have to re-train? Let’s look at our first fresh fine line up of criminals in the monitor.” – Joanne Ryder – the prison’s warden announced to her all female staff.

Joanne Ryder: 34-year-old, tall, slim, short cut brunette hair, ex-warden of HMP Holloway, now Liberty’s prison governor.

We were dragged from the mini-van and our masks were pulled of us; it was pissing with rain: the thin white overalls I was wearing were drenched.

“This is Her Majesty’s Prison Liberty: not fucking Butlins! You understand you no-good piss stinking slags?” – Shouted the female prison captain waving her metal truncheon in our faces who was dressed in an all-black suit…like a SS guard uniform. I nearly cried right then and there!

All three of us were then lined up and forced to look up at the camera outside the prison’s gates. Rain was falling on all of us as we looked up into the camera.

“Oh look they are gagged: brilliant!” – June commented.

“Who are the celebrities?” – Joanne asked a member of staff.

“The one on the screen now is Jimmy Miles: 39-years-old, a serial rapist, we’ve been passed the buck of Jimmy, due to his personal beatings to past prison governors. He’s spent twenty years in-and-out of HM Prison service. He likes to brag to the press and inmates that’s he’s “shagged more people than Jimmy Savile” – He is better known as “Jimmy the Ass”.” – Lucy a member of staff read out the profile details of the new inmates.

“Why?” – Joanne asked.

“Because he prefers ass fucking women than their pussies…and men’s anal.” – Lucy replied with disgust.

“Well, we’ll certainly know how to deal with him. Who’s the handsome looking brother (black man) on screen?” – Joanne asked Lucy.

“That is Karl Lane: 30-years-old, woman beater, records of ABH and GBH towards ex-girlfriends and women strangers. He’s been transferred to us because he kept fighting with the male guards on a daily bases. He is known as “Karl the Cake” because he eats a lot and is fat.” – Lucy replied.

“Uh and who is the final one?” – Joanne asked as she leaned forward into the monitor staring at me.

“This is Stanley Appleton: 25-years-old, an educated man. He used to work for the government, his downfall is his lust. Stanley takes pleasure in date-raping and seducing teenage girls. This is Stanley’s first offence.” – Lucy told her boss.

“Get Captain Ratched to strip naked the prisoners and line them up in the medical room.” – Joanne told Lucy. Lucy nodded and then radioed Captain Ratched.

“Ladies, this is our destiny, this is our new careers to make sure those three convicted pigs are reformed…that way we can get our bonus of the government. You are all trained in your professions, so let the sentencing begin.” – Joanne smiled as she proudly told her troops.

All the women left the warden’s office, Joanne grabbed her personal weapon: a stun-gun and made way to the medical room with the beautiful Dr. Conway.

The Medical Room, HMP Liberty

Still gagged and handcuffed and getting shouting abuse from the prison captain. All three of us were now kneeling on the cold medical room of the prison. The female guards grabbed a pair of scissors each then stripped and cut off the cheap white drenched overalls from us. We all knelt naked. I felt so humiliated in my life: I only wish now that I served time in a real prison.

Joanne Ryder dressed in a perfect black suit arrived threw the double-doors along with Dr. Conway to make the perfect introduction to the prison.

“Captain Ratched take of the gags please, this is no way to treat our new guests.” – Joanne stated.

“Yes ma’am.” – Captain Ratched nodded to her fellow guards and all our gags were removed. We all coughed and took deep breaths…still handcuffed though.

“Welcome to Liberty, I know you have questions, but believe me when I tell you this gentleman: you all soon – over time – wouldn’t give a flying fuck about the answers.” – Joanne stated as she walked up and down in a line looking at us.

“There are rules in this prison: rules very different than the ones in England. You’ll each learn the hard way: if any off you should bite, spite or disrespect anyone of the all-female staff in this prison, then you’ll get the treatment.” – Joanne stated looking directly into Karl Lane’s eyes.

Karl sucked his nose and then spat out at Joanne Ryder’s polished black boots.

“Fuck you bitch.” – Karl calmly told the prison governor.

“Captain Ratched if you please.” – Joanne smiled.

Captain Ratched grabbed Karl’s hair on his head then pulled him down to Joanne’s boots forcing him to lick and wipe of his spit with his tongue. Afterwards Joanne gave Karl a forceful slap across his fat facial cheeks.

“So, you’ll like to spit? I think we can deal with you Mr. Lane.” – Joanne smiled to Captain Ratched.

Captain Ratched then placed a cock-ring over Karl’s head.

“You Mr. Lane for the first few days will now become the personal human toilet of the guards. Take him away!” – Joanne told two prison guards. Karl this big woman beater was now reduced to tears like a baby, he was getting dragged away naked to an unknown room: god only knows?

Once Karl left the room, leaving just me and some skinny runt Joanne announced this:

“You see gentlemen this is a prison of the new…the new way of life. You will be mentally regressed and physically broken. You will all become effective Adult Baby Slaves. You will think and act like a toddler; an adult retard on the outside, but the full life of a baby. Sentencing time will all depend on your cooperation; you will be sold off to the rich and powerful women who sadly can’t have babies. They are the kind of women who want a submissive man and baby molded into one. But as time goes on, you’ll be given more details.” – Joanne smiled at the both of us.

Then she looked down at Jimmy:

“Jimmy the Ass, am I right? I think Her Majesty’s Prison would be to kind and forgiving if you had a new Mummy…so instead you’ll have a beefy gay daddy: your anus will become a deep black hole for your new rich daddy to fuck…and you’ll be trained to the best as in to give great blow-jobs. Not forgetting on learning on how to be the host of a gay orgy party: Imagine your daddy bringing his male friends: your new uncles to take advantage of his new baby boy: I think you’ll also need sissy training: ladies take him away to Level 2 please.” – Joanne smiled wickedly.

Two other guards grabbed Jimmy and started to drag him out of the medical room towards this ‘Level 2’.

“No! You’ll never turn me into a sissy bitch! Once I get my hands on you all I’ll kill you!” – Jimmy angry screamed.

Joanne walked up to Jimmy, pointing her finger and replied:

“No you won’t! By the time the Hypnosis’s files have done there magic, you’ll only then want to wank men off forever!” – Joanne firmly told Jimmy as Jimmy then left the medical room screaming.

I was now left alone with Captain Ratched, Dr. Conway and Governor Ryder.

“Well we have a good little boy here don’t we ladies?” – Joanne teased.

I just looked up to her.

“You’re smart enough not to swear and shout you’re smart enough that being a good boy, good boys get treated well.” – Joanne cooed.

I still just looked up to Joanne in silence.

“I’ve read your file in depth this morning, you used to work for the government right? In construction…I know you have a degree in structure science mister Appleton. I know you have the ability to stage your very own Prison Break. As we can see, no blueprints are tattooed on your body.” – Joanne smiled down at me.

I grinned at her.

“So you like to seduce teenage girls and take their virginity huh? Well, we have a very special program installed for you. Starting here in the medical room, this is Dr. Conway who will get the show on the road. We’ll be seeing more of each other Stanley.” – Joanne smiled as she left the room.

“Up, onto the table now!” – Captain Ratched commanded as she pulled me up from the floor.

I got onto the long medical table, Dr. Conway strapped in my feet then got Captain Ratched to unhand cuff me, before I could feel my risks, my arms were strapped down. I got injected with something and I drifted into a long deep sleep…

This Story is written by Croc.




Today from the Oulipost Project bag of tricks:

Imagine a prisoner whose supply of paper is restricted. To put it to fullest use, he will maximize his space by avoiding any letter extending above or below the line (b, d,f,g,h,j,k,l,p,q,t and y) and use only a,c,e,i, m,n,o,r,s,u,v,w,x and z. Compose a poem using only words that can be made from these letters AND which you source from your newspaper text.

I chose two interesting articles, one from the Arts section, a movie review of Sweet Dreams, and from the Business Section, a piece on 10 rules of Roman armies.  Didn’t work out quite as planned. Of course I didn’t realize that neither Sweet nor Dreams was going to make the cut. Not sure why I missed that! When I had my poem almost done, I also realized the tool I used had let some “d” words slip through, so…

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Letters From Death Row: A Texas Inmate Remembers Ray Jasper


Letters From Death Row: A Texas Inmate Remembers Ray Jasper

Letters form death row

Letters form death rowSource: Supplied

A MAN on death row has written a letter in remembrance of his former inmate, who was executed in March by the state of Texas.

Travis Runnels wrote to Gawker to share his memories of Ray Jasper, who was executed by lethal injection after being convicted of participating in the 1998 robbery and murder of recording studio owner David Alejandro. A teenager at the time of the crime, Jasper was sentenced to death.

His friend and inmate, Runnels was sentenced to death in 2005 after pleading guilty to the 2003 killing of Stanley Wiley, who was a supervisor at the Texas prison where Runnels was serving a 70-year sentence for aggravated robbery.

His letter is…

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