By Chris Y. ~

In white jumpsuits chained in groups of four
They pulled our bus onto the yard
Made to face a concrete wall
Two gunners and many a guard
10 toes, your chin and chest
Keep upon that wall
Unlock your knees it’s a 105 degrees
If one goes down you all fall
Welcome to the SHU this is hell
You committed a crime in CDC
Don’t fuck around we’ll put a bullet in you
In a very short time you will see.
What is your name? Why are you in the shu?
I caused Great bodily injury in a riot.
He slammed my face against the wall
The rest of the line still and quiet.
One man was pulled right off the chain
He was surrounded and beaten a long time
Great bodily injury caused by the cops
Apparently isn’t a crime
They removed the waist…

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