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Winter Wax

Captured in an icebox of racism,
as Winter dissolves into annual
oblivion, I am elated by the
warming of this frigid land.


My only reprieve the Sun peering
through grey clouds dissipating
in the heat of young folks
championing the fight, opposing
the chill and darkness of hate
and exploitation, they the solar
cosmic array imposing climate

Black Lives Matter!!!

Waxing poetically —
Not a chant or slogan —
Rather a desperate scream —
Expressing despair —
In human isolation —
Spiritual confineent —
Disparaging hope —
Desire and passion squelch —
Embracing loneliness —
A cherished companion —
To thwart insanity!?!


Life in a 6′ x 8′ cage musing a
mental exercise in futility, seeking
to share in the void the absence of


March 13, 2015
Jalil Muntaqim
Attica, NY State

Toward a National Coalition for a Changed America


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