“Corcoran” by Chris Y. Inmate

April 4, 2013


Corcoran By Chris Y. ~


In white jumpsuits chained in groups

of four They pulled our bus onto the yard

Made to face a concrete wall Two gunners

and many a guard 10 toes, your chin

and chest Keep upon that wall

Unlock your knees it’s a 105 degrees

If one goes down you all fall

Welcome to the SHU this is hell

You committed a crime in CDC

Don’t fuck around we’ll put a bullet in you

In a very short time you will see.

What is your name?

Why are you in the shu?

I caused Great bodily injury in a riot.

He slammed my face against the wall

The rest of the line still and quiet.

One man was pulled right off the chain

He was surrounded and beaten a long time

Great bodily injury caused by the cops

Apparently isn’t a crime

They removed the waist chain choking me with a stick

The cuffs bit into my hand

They pulled my jumpsuit around my knees

“Now do you think you’re a man?”

What I experienced for the next 3 years

Made me wish I could die Although physically

I left in one piece

Parts of my mind did not survive.

Men were shot, men were stabbed

Some guys lost their minds

We had to fight while they shot at us

Hit with baton rounds eleven times.

I’m not trying to whine not trying to cry

Because my life is so much different today

I was 21 years old when I stood on that wall

It seems like a lifetime away

Not trying to act tough or exaggerate the facts

Just wanna get out what’s inside

I was only a kid trying to get through

They made me hate and hurt my pride

There’s a huge system right in societies face

That is just another criminal enterprise

I understand these people did bad things

My own part I now see and realize.

These are our brothers and these are our sons

Prejudice and mistreatment is not an answer

Our society doesn’t just doesn’t have a cold

We got mother fuckin cancer!

 So I lean toward the left in my political views

Because I saw too damn much of

“the right” Biases interfere with things

of this nature If you think that I’m biased you’re right.


Written By An Inmate In Ad-Seg (received 2013/4/4)


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